Billy Hurley III Sept 2020 “Beat the Pro” Challenge


How Low Can You Go?

This is your chance to beat a PGA Tour Champion and raise money for the BH3 Foundation.

The Billy Hurley III Foundation was established to support, honor and benefit a vital group of unsung heroes: military families. The sacrifice and selflessness of our nation’s military personnel are mirrored in their spouses, children and loved ones. We pay tribute to their strength and courage as they serve alongside our service members.


September 1-30, 2020


The golf course of your choice (over 40,000 golf courses are supported by the 18Birdies App)


Virtual Competition through the 18Birdies AppScored individually


Beat Billy Hurley III and receive an official BH3 hat and a commemorative note from Billy


  • After you register, download the 18Birdies App from your Mobile Phone, the App Store or Google Play.
  • Create an account or sign into an existing account in the 18Birdies App.
  • Click the Play button on the bottom of the app screen.
  • Select the yellow Tournament bar to join BH3 Beat the Pro Challenge.Enter the 4 digit code you received upon registering and push enter.
  • Start tournament when you’re ready to play the golf course of your choice.
  • You’re all set! Have fun and good luck!

Billy Hurley III Sept 2020 “Beat the Pro” Challenge